Tuesday, August 11, 2009

9 Months

9 Months

This crazy little frog is one of her new favorite toys. Thanks Aunt Karrie!

She has 5 teeth now with 1 more very soon to follow and 2 more that aren't going to be much further behind that.

I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. Sydney is getting so big. She made it into the 50th percentile for height; this didn't really surprise me because over the past 3 weeks it seems like she's grown 4 inches! She stayed in the 25th percentile for weight.

She is such a little mover. This girl can crawl faster than I ever thought possible. We're just waiting for her to start walking now. She cruses along the furniture and stands on her own so it's only a matter of time now. She loves to play and talk and she's even started singing over the past few weeks. She refuses to eat anything that requires us to use a spoon. She only wants to eat things she can feed to herself. Such an independent little girl, but no surprises there!

I made her a cake for her 9 month birthday. Sadly enough though, she only got to tase a little bit of icing that she got on her finger as she was reaching for the cake.