Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hawaii Pictures

So, blogger is giving me some problems uploading pictures right now but I have posted some on Facebook so you can check them out there!


Happy Hour

We're actually at hour four right now since this took place. I went to Sonic this afternoon as I am still working through some jet lag and needed a little help making it through the afternoon. Every time Sydney asked me for a "dink" I told her that it wasn't good for her and that she didn't need any of mommy's drink. I even told her once or twice that it was "yucky" which usually keeps her from wanting to try something. As soon as I was far enough away though she ran straight for it and decided that she really liked it. That was at 3:30 this afternoon so we're going to see how long the caffeine affects this little girl before she gets to sleep tonight.

She's currently laying in bed singing to herself.