Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is Sydney's current favorite activity, whether here at home or at the park. Even after falling off, she still loves this little slide! Hopefully this will continue to be as entertaining throughout the summer.


A Sleepover

Sydney had her first sleepover a few weekends ago so I thought I should officially document it. Her friend Claire came over a stayed the night with us. You can't tell by the pictures but Claire is actually a couple months older than Sydney. I think she's going to end up getting her height from daddy, as she got her eyelashes from him.

Sydney just woke up from a nap. Poor girl and her curly frizzy hair, it's absolutely impossible to control especially after she's slept on it.

I think both of them were equally unsure of the other. It didn't help that they kept getting their sippie cups mixed up either. :)
Eating dinner. Sydney had to try everything Claire had and she really wanted Claire to try everything she had.
Ready for bed, such happy girls!! No junk food was consumed, no whining when it was time to go to bed, and due to the time change they both slept till almost 9am(yes, we were late for church). I think this will turn out to be the easiest sleepover this household will ever see.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Been A While

So life gets busy sometimes and I just can't stay on top of it, so the blog suffers, among other things, but that's somewhere we're not going to go in this post. So here are some pictures and some updates.

This was Sydney's first Valentine! She wasn't quite sure what to do with it at first but it didn't take long before she was chowing down! On another note the bow was ALL her doing. She has become obsessed and she can't get dresses without having a bow put in her hair. And to make it even more crazy she has started picking out her own bows, fortunately this particular day the bow didn't totally clash with what she was wearing, never mind that fact that it's the size of her head. This bow is actually one that I wore when I was little. My mom found a few of these that she saved and brought to us. I think this may have been what started the bow obsession.

She was on such a sugar high by the time she finished she couldn't stop giggling! There was a major crash a little later but she thoroughly enjoyed her cookie!

This is one of Sydney's typical but random silly faces. She loves making us laugh but I think she likes laughing at herself even more! Excuse the food, we haven't started working on the chewing with your mouth closed aspect of eating.

The Museum of Science and History has become a favorite of ours! She loves climbing and building!