Thursday, May 28, 2009

Growing and Growing

Well, she still doesn't quite fit into her 6 month clothes but our little girl is getting so big. She has her first two teeth. Her two bottom teeth came in about 2 weeks ago. I have yet to be able to catch a picture while she is showing them. She had been pushing herself into a crawling position for about 2 weeks and then this past Saturday, while at some friends, she crawled for the first time. It was a shinny watch that finally got her to move forward. Now we tempt her with cell phones and my wedding ring, two things I'm sure she needed no help figuring out that she liked, though. :)

We went to the Arboretum last week. Here are a few of the pictures Aunt Katie and Karrie got while we were there. Thanks ladies!

Sydney received her first package in the mail today; it was wrapped up so cute! We let her play with it for a minute and then we started to open it and gave it to her to see if she would finish it. I wasn't really that hopeful, she just ripped of the piece that we had started for her and started chewing on it. She received a cross stiched monogram. It's so cute with little flowers and butterflies surrounding it. Thank you, Aunt Cindy!! We were about to have lunch, hence the lack of clothing.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Half a Year

My little girl is half a year old today and I can't believe it!! Part of me feels like I just met her yesterday but another part of me feels like we've been at this for years. We've come upon and surpassed so many milestones it seems impossible to be able to do that much in six months.

She discovered her feet about a week and a half ago.

She started using a sippie cup. Not quite the right direction but she's starting to catch on.

She sits up now. Not well enough, mind you that I feel comfortable leaving her out of arms reach without a pillow but she's doing pretty well.
"I was just delegated mommy's least favorite chore, I think this might be fun"
She has no clue we're about to head to the Dr where she is going to get shots!

Daddy felt like 6 months was plenty old enough for the first cell phone.

We love you Sydney Ann and have been so blessed to have you in our lives!! We thank God everyday that He gave you to us!