Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not in any Particular Order

This is Sydney's new way to transport her toys from one place to another. She figured out that she moves faster if she can use both hands when moving.
She's still not sure what to think about grass but at the current moment she's leaning towards not liking it. We'll keep you posted on the final outcome.

Crazy Hair
She just woke up from a nap and I couldn't resist getting this one. It's kinda hard to see against the dark background, though.

We went to the mall one day with one of our friends to play in the little play area there. With the 100+ degree temperatures the parks are not currently an option. This girl is such a poser for the camera.

Sydney has started talking herself to sleep at night. It will go on for 30 or more minutes sometimes. One evening I came in to check on her before I went to bed and this is what I found. I guess she must carry on some wonderful conversations with her lamb.

New Toy
This learning table became an instant favorite. She will stand at it and dance to the music and snort along with the songs. Yes she has taken to snorting, it's one of her favorite sounds to make.

She got her living room toy box(currently a costco size cheerio box) and emptied the entire contents onto the floor. I hope she will be this easily entertained for a long time!

Cha Cha's Birthday
Playing dress up with Cha Cha!

As is typically the case when we eat out, she was finished eating well before anyone else and getting pretty restless. I had already stuffed her full of cheerios and puffs. The new solution: Pizza crust. I swore I wouldn't introduce her to white flour till she was MUCH older but sometimes you've just gotta do what you can. She loved it!


Friday, July 10, 2009

I am THAT mom

The one I swore I NEVER would be. I was warned MANY times, by various different people(mom, grandma, friends, etc), "don't say that because you just may do that some day". Well, I said it and now I'm eating my words. I was not completely delusional, I knew that raising a child wouldn't be perfect nor would it be easy but I did think that I would stick to my ideals when doing so. I was soooooo stupid!!!!!

The most recent incident: We went to dinner this evening and Sydney wanted nothing to do with the peas, green beans and squash that I brought for her. She wouldn't open her mouth at all and she would not stop turning her head in every direction but mine. To make matters more difficult she kept squealing and whining after I took the spoon away, so I would try again and the head would start turning again. So, I gave her a few cheerios, this made everything better. After the few cheerios were finished I would take another shot at the Squash, she wouldn't have it. So when the whining got to the point of annoyance what did I do???? What I said I would never do, "I will never give my child what they're whining for just to keep them happy". HA!!!! When I am at home I don't, but get me in a public setting and I really don't want to have people staring at me and thinking "why can't that mom control her child?"

Another case: "I will never carry my child around a store when I am pushing a perfectly good stroller". Seriously, I should have taken the advice that was given to me during my years of stupidity. I have carried my child through Target on many occasions while pushing a delightfully wonderful stroller.

Yet Another case: "I will not give my child my cell phone or other items from my purse to occupy them while running errands etc". This is the conversation that takes place with myself after I have done the aforementioned. Come on now Kristin, what were you thinking?!?!?!? It's not like you can reason with a 6 month old, so how was it that you were planning to get her to calm down without some new and exciting object to distract her? So, you let her have the cell phone it's not like you've damaged her for life by giving in this one(2, 3, 4) time. She won't expect to get her way all the time because you gave in just this one(2, 3, 4) time.

I could continue on for quite some time on all the other hypocritical things I have done in regards to being a mom but I will not. I do hope I have learned from this experience and that I will not continue to list off the things I will NEVER do as a mother because I'm sure that I will be proven wrong. I guess we'll see in a few years how that goes.