Friday, April 24, 2009


Speaking of perfectionistic tendencies the spacing on the previous post is driving me crazy!!!! I've edited it 7 times and it still looks miserable!!!!


So Much Stuff

There have been several things over the past few weeks that have made me think I should sit down and blog but I've just been so busy. Of course now I don't remember most of them. But, if this turns into a marathon post I'm sorry.
Typically while I'm working in the kitchen on dinner, cleaning up, etc Sydney will play in her exersauser in the family room. This allows me to keep an eye on her while still accomplishing the task at hand. She will usually last about 30 minutes before she's tired of playing by herself and requires some interaction. This is when I move her to the bumbo and set her on the kitchen cabinet where she can "help" me out. There is a spot on the cabinet where the bumbo can sit and she can't reach anything, well that used to be the case anyway. I was on the other side of the kitchen when I here glass clang. I look over to see her reaching for my antique sandwich glass cookie jar. The cookie jar has a ball on the top of the lid and Sydney got her little hand around that and picked it up right off if the cookie jar. As soon as I heard the clang and saw what was about to happen I lunged for it but I just couldn't make it. The lid hit the cabinet and then fell to the floor. Needless to say tile and antique glass to not mix very well. I cleaned up the glass and for my own curiosity I weighed all the broken pieces on my food scale. That lid was 2.7 lbs!!!!!! I had no clue that a 5 month old, whom I had no clue could even reach that far, would be able to pick up 2.7 lbs of anything.

I assured her, not that she even knew what had happened, that this was her first but would undoubtedly not be her last broken accident. Not that it was even her fault; I just didn't even realize how long her arms were actually getting. Obviously the bumbo has been moved. It now resides on the island on which I have removed everything.

Wow look at that frog!!

Sydney 5 months


Several months ago I decided that I should learn how to sew. I always see simple little things that I think would be so easy to do and wish that I could but can't because I have no clue how to sew. Well my mother, who is one of the most talented seamstresses ever (seriously you should see some of the things she's done for me) told me she'd teach me. I picked out a pattern and material about a month ago and finally this past week made it to my moms for my first lesson.

For anyone who doesn't know I have some perfectionistic tendencies. Let me tell you that when I painted the stripes on the wall in Sydney's room it took about 4 times longer than it should have due to this trait of mine, and no one would have ever known the difference but I would. All that to say sewing is going to be a character building experience. Every 15 stitches I had the nearly uncontrollable urge to stop, take them all out and start over because they didn't make a perfectly straight line. Then there was the half circle neck line, oh my word!!! No, I did not rip all of the stitches out but I did have to call my mom to the sewing machine SEVERAL times to "fix" it so it would be straight, curved or whatever it needed to do. She informed me several times that day it did not need to be perfect, and rarely was even when she sews. Oh, I don't know what I was thinking but I am determined to stick with it! Here's a picture of what I have so far. Don't be too impressed, my mom is an EXCELLENT teacher and was a huge help!

Sydney is not a fan of sitting. She would much rather be laying on the floor, I think simply because she can roll if she's laying down and therefore can go after whatever it is she wants. A little over a week ago we started using the boppy as a prop and she is doing much better but she's still not a huge fan. She does not, however, dislike sitting as much as she dislikes the bouncy seat.

Yes, her face is stained orange. No, I don't feed my child too many carrots but every time I do feed them to her that orangey color lingers for about 12 hours. Maybe one of these days she'll swallow most of them and won't be orange for a day.

I just love that precious little face!

My mom has a picture of me in this pose when I was about 4 months old. I'll have to swipe it from her and scan it. I love this picture because she looks more like me than she ever has. My little girl may resemble me a little bit after all. Not that I mind that she looks like her daddy but I feel like I should get a little bit of the credit. I am the one that carried her for 8 months and spent 7 weeks in the hospital, after all!!

This was Sydneys first trip to Freebirds. Technically her second but she slept through the first trip so I'm not going to count it. This was an Aggie tradition for us. There aren't quite as many foil characters on the wall here in Arlington but it's still just as satisfying!

Dancin' on the table with aunt Karrie, she's already teaching her bad habits! I didn't get a picture but the patrons of Freebirds had to listen to aunt Karrie blow raspberries on Sydneys tummy for a few minutes. Oh well, I've had to endure MUCH more obnoxious escapades from strangers children in restaurants, I figure it's my turn. At least we kept ours at our own table!!

Sydney kissed her first boy the other day but I don't have the pictures yet so that post will just have to wait. Shhh, don't tell Jeremy I don't want to lose a friend!

Enough already, seriously!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Yes, that is right Duplies. Instead of roomies we called ourselves Duplies. In college I, along with several other Campbell family members, and several other friends lived in the Campbell Family duplex. The term duplies covered the actual roommates whom you shared 1 side of the duplex with along with the members of the other side of the duplex. There were never less than 6 of us living here and there were more often than not 7 or more of us. I occupied the 1508 side along with my cousin Caroline, and a dear friend that she introduced me to our first semester of college, Jessica. My sister and several other girls lived on the 1510 side, until my last semester of school when my sister moved over to 1508 with me.

We each had keys to the other side incase of emergency, and on one occasion, a prank war that got completely out of control. That ended with 1508 switching off the electricity to 1510 and then pad locking the electrical box to keep them from turning it back on. You wouldn't believe some of the other things that we did during that 3 day prank war. Because I don't have the permission of all the other duplies I can't write about some of those things and post online but feel free to ask me anytime. There were some very creative things done over those days.

This past weekend 4 of us got together here and spent several days and VERY late nights reminiscing and catching up. I always knew during college how blessed I was to have such wonderful roommates but I was again reminded this weekend of how God placed the perfect people in my life for those years. I learned so much from these ladies and could not imagine my life today without them. No, things were not always perfect. I mean I did wake up one morning to the milk in the cereal cabinet and the cereal in the fridge (I love you Line) and then there was more than 1 morning that the coffee pot was sitting next to the coffee maker and coffee was all over the cabinet and kitchen floor (I love you too Coco) but really this was nothing compared to some of the horror stories my friends would tell me about their roommates. And these things make great stories now that we all love to laugh about, really I think we laughed then too. :)

The duplies have several babies now, two of which got to meet this weekend. And I'm pretty sure Coco is going to be the next to make an announcement. ;) Don't worry I didn't put a time frame on that one sweetie. That new car looked pretty good with a car seat in it, though. :)

Here are a few pictures from our little event.

It was wonderful ladies!! We'll have to do this again but much sooner next time.