Monday, February 15, 2010


So, I'm sure this is something Sydney will never see again in this crazy state of Texas so I thought I should document the occasion for her.

All bundled up

Shoveling the Driveway

Sydney's First Snowman!

Her favorite snow activity, eating it

This is what she did the whole time we were building the snowman.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stock Show and Accidents

This past Monday was military appreciation day at the stock show so Jeremy decided to take the day off and we went. I was very surprised at how well Sydney did. I was expecting her to be pretty fidgety and most definitely whiny but she did REALLY well. We let her walk and play in the seating section we were in, it was VERY empty, during the barrel racing which kept her quite occupied. She made it through about 40 minutes of the rodeo(this was when she ran out of grapes) before I had to take her into the corridor so she could run around. She actually spent most of the going up and down a flight of stairs, if we hadn't been going turtle speed I think I could have actually counted that as my workout for the day. :) We also had to check out the petting zoo. It took a little while but after she got used to it she had a great time with the animals, all of which she called dogs. That's what anything with fur is these days.

Monday night, after our fun day at the stock show, Sydney was playing in the bath tub. She stood up in the tub and then slipped and hit her face right below her right eye. It took all of about 30 seconds for it to turn purple and start swelling up. Fortunately for me Jeremy was the one giving her a bath that night. Tuesday afternoon she was playing in the family room while I was in the kitchen, for anyone who hasn't been in our home the kitchen is open to the family room so I can see her from the kitchen. While pulling food out of the fridge I hear a thud which was immediately followed by a screeching cry. She lost her balance while trying to "walk" on a toy and hit her head. The mark it left is a purple bruise above her right eye. Really did it have to be on the same side? I made a comment to Jeremy that evening at dinner that someone was going to call CPS if they saw her. This morning when I dropped her off at bible study one of the ladies asked me about the bruises on her face. :<

We've started pulling Sydney's chair up to the table now, rather than using her tray, and have her eat off a plate. She was eating lunch today after we got home and I don't have a clue how it happened, I didn't see any of it, but again I hear a thud and crying. I turned around to see Sydney on the floor under the table. I guess we may have to reconsider the "eating from the table" phase. After her nap this afternoon, I was again in the kitchen but this time she was in there with me. She was playing around the table with a few books and two "dawgs"(a sock monkey and Nathaniel). I turned around and saw this girl sitting on one of the chairs!!! Really??? When did my little girl learn to climb???? She was just sitting in the chair facing the table talking to herself and playing with the random napkin and tape measure that were within her reach. I pulled her off the chair and went back to what I was doing and waiting to see if she would get back up there. Sure enough she did it. I watched this little girl pull herself up onto this chair starting out by leaning her chest on the seat of the chair, pulling up with her arms then turned herself over and around and sat in this chair. After seeing this I let her stay in the chair and "play" at the table for a while. Yes, she did have an accident at the table too. As she was trying to turn over and around she hit her bottom lip on the table. She has a purple mark below her bottom lip. It's a good thing I go to bible study on Thursday morning, otherwise that teacher may not have given her back to me. She did learn a new word after learning to climb up into chairs. "Daw" (down)

She has taken to pointing and grunting anytime she wants something and it really grates on my nerves so I've been trying REALLY hard to get this girl to "use words". She still has VERY few words but everyone keeps telling me she's just going to take off one day and start talking up a storm. I hope this is the case and that it happens soon!!! I made brownies tonight for our life group and Sydney started reaching for them and grunting when I started cutting them. After her rough day I decided she deserved to have a brownie, it's also her 15 month birthday so I figured these two reasons were definitely cause for a sugar loaded brownie. She did learn another word before I gave it to her though. :) "Baw"

Wow this turned into a crazy long post. I'll add some pictures for those of you that want them.

Dawg 1

Dawg 2

Dawg 3

Pigtails and Smiles

Mmmm Brownies, I need more of this stuff!!