Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lets go WAY back

So here are a few of the sisters from a while back.  You know, those days when 3 hours of sleep at night is considered an accomplishment, well those lasted quite a bit longer this time around than they did with S.  I'm not sure if it was just a difference in their personalities or if it also had something to do with the fact that there are 2 this time and I couldn't just sleep whenever the baby did.  It also didn't help that hubby was working in Maryland.  So, those are my excuses but here are a couple pictures anyway!

 That pacifier was the size of her face!  On that same note, though, I love watching the little bobbing of the paci in her mouth.  Even now I think it's the sweetest thing to see her little head on my shoulder and the paci bobbing as she is falling asleep.  S didn't use the paci much more than 6 weeks so it wasn't something I noticed with her, but I LOVE it!!

 Just the begining of oh SO many great picture moments.

Yes, I dressed my six week old up all for the sake of some cute photos.  This is the only one we have in which she isn't crying.  But I had two super cute butterfiles at the pumpkin patch. 

Her first time on a Merry-go-round.  I almost had several heart attacks as the other three children were 9 year old boys who kept wanting to "go faster".  Thankfully I was able to bribe her off, with the bounce houses, after a few minutes.

Happy Turkey Day!  These little turkeys were a LAST miunte decisions and I stayed up till midnigh finishing S's so she could wear it to her feast at school.  Then I decided a day or two later that L should have one that matched.  I did S's on a shirt that will hopefully fit next Thanksgiving and L's is actually just attached to a clip so she will absolutely be wearing hers again.

This is at the Christmas party the Family Readiness group hosts for the Reserves.  Randomly enough we have made it to this event every year since we've had S, so I guess we'll try to keep up the tradition.  Santa flys in on a C130 and then takes pictures with all the kids.  One of us stands in line while the other takes S around to bounce, make crafts, get snacks etc.  Chasing after two may make it a little different next year! :)  This was the only shot we got where L wasn't all out crying. 

Ok, now just to figure out how to change my layout/header and we'll be good to go!  Hope my two readers enjoy the marathon night of posting!


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McCullough Family said...

I LOVE the posts! :) I really like seeing Lexa growing and hearing about Sydney :) You should post more often!